Friday, January 28, 2011

Washroom Progress

I posted here about how Clarence Moore was here and got us started on putting in two new washrooms in our house. Its been slow going since then, because the plumber couldn’t come very often, and we did a lot of waiting for him.

But finally the time came to start closing things in! Here are some pictures:

We had some border we wanted to use in this main bathroom that was seashore themed...perfect for where we live! So we tried to match the colors to that. My mom let me pretty much plan all the decorating for this bathroom. When we got the actual paint on the wall it was slightly more "minty" colored and not quite as "sageish" as the paint chip we picked out, but not too bad. It still looks good and matches the border. We painted all the trim and furnishings an off-white.

Because this was all my idea I got the fun job of painting some of this stuff. We were able to use the cabinet that had been in our old bathroom, so I just painted it the off-white color. Here are the pieces of that.

I also had a plan to use these letters, so I used "Bins" on them first so the wood wouldn't bleed through, and then painted them the same off-white color.

Me brother takes "get pictures of everything" a little to literally!
This towel rod was part of my plan too. This came out of our old bathroom as well. I like having hooks like this instead of a rod to hand towels on. I constantly am straitening them, because I can't stand them to be crooked! This way saves some of my sanity...

And here is the finished product! It came out better than I had hoped!

Then Mom got the border put up...thank you Linda and Aunt Judy!!

I just keep walking in there and looking at it. It all came out so nice!!

And this is the master bathroom. The paint is actually a deeper burgandy color, not the fire-engine red it appears to be in this picture.
Dad has put up a chair rail and is working on the mop boards since I took these pictures.

The plumber is supposed to come on Tuesday and hook everything up, so the end is in sight! I can not tell you how wonderful it will be to have two washrooms again!

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