Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Incomparable Christ Conclusion

Over the period of days that most denominations call Lent, I participated in reading the book "The Incomparable Christ" by J. Oswald Sanders, and listening to the corresponding broadcasts on Revive Our Hearts by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I told you about my plans to do so, and now I am going to follow up on that series and tell you what I thought about it.

I have just two things to say about it. First of all, WOW, and second, WOW again.

I have never observed Lent. It is not something that my denomination commonly does. We would say that its not practiced in "our circles." (Nor in our squares either, btw.) But after spending those 40 days before Easter reading about my Christ and spending the first part of every day learning more about Him, I can honestly say that it has changed my life.

Was is because I had never heard these truths before? No, I had. In fact, I had even read this book once before. Was is the incredible articulation and speaking ability of Nancy DeMoss? No, although she is a great speaker. It wasn't even a result of all the chocolate bunnies I consumed, if you can believe that. No, what made a difference was simply stopping to think. Pondering the many different aspects of Christ. Contemplating the various facets of His character and His life here on earth - as fully God and fully man. Astounding.

I left this series feeling full to the brim. Humbled at what Christ did for me on Calvary - for me! It is so easy to know all about salvation's plan and about what Christ did, and to then go on with our life with stopping to consider - to just sit in silence and think about it. To remember what He has done.

I can say without question that I will be observing Lent next year in this same way. Maybe I will read The Incomparable Christ again, or maybe I will find another book that speaks of redemption's plan. (I'm already on the lookout for one! Or two, of three...) But no matter what I read, I want to make sure that I remember. That I study the scriptures and ponder what great things He has done. That I don't become complacent and forget His work on Calvary - for me.

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