Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Keys to the Scenery

As promised, here are pictures of different things you will see if you come visit the Keys!

We started our morning with a couple hour drive to Key Largo, the first of the Keys.

And as any good sightseer would, our first stop was to, none other than.....


You knew I would say that, didn't you? It was a cute little building with a sweet old lady in charge.


From there, we set our plan of action for the day. Our first stop was the wild bird sanctuary, which you already saw pictures of, but here are some pictures from the other things we saw.

Connecting Knights Key and Little Duck Key is a 7-mile bridge. Running beside the newer, higher bridge is the original one. It was first named the "Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge." Okaaaay..... I think "Seven Mile Bridge" is just slightly more concise. :)

The old bridge is now used as a fishing pier. I would not recommend trying to drive all the way across.

Just sayin.'

This is where we stopped for lunch:

Why yes, I'll take one of these...

And one of these....

We went all the way done to Key West, the bottom-most town in the USA. We didn't have much time, so we just stayed long enough to take a picture with a sign to prove we were there. Yeah, we're cheesy like that.

It was a uber fun day!

Hope you aren't tired of Key West pictures yet, because I still have a few more! Up next, cute things I saw while window shopping but didn't have the $$ to buy. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the title..and all the pictures :) Looks like you all had a fabulous trip. I'll make it to Florida someday.


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