Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goals for the Week, July 2, 2013

Greeting you from a very soggy Nova Scotia! I seriously can not believe the amount of rain we have had...our county has a rain warning today, even! It is kind of like living in a rain forest...even everything inside feels damp, things mildew easily, and things like our towels don't dry no matter how long you wait...but I'm pretty sure a rain forest is warmer. :)

Here is the progress I made on my weekly goals last week:

Continue to work on new shop items

Finish mending pile

Cut out girl's playclothes

Begin planning for VBS

Review Philippians 2

Rearrange bookshelves

Finish A Man Called Peter

Write two letters/emails

Practice piano 2 days

And here are my goals for this week! Yesterday was a holiday here in Canada, so I'm starting on these today instead:

Continue planning for VBS

Write one hand-written letter

Review Philippians 3:1-15

Organize dresser and clothes

Work on mending

Work on new shop items  {did you see the update from last week? I just love them!}

Work on Bible case for a friend

Make playclothes for the girls

Continue to read Jane Eyre

What are you working on this week? Any soggy days at your place?

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