Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Sew! Day 17: On having Patience

Welcome to day 17 of our 31 Days sewing series! Today I just want to chat with you about an important topic.

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Today I just want to chat with you. We’re over half-done our sewing basics series, and we’ve covered a lot of territory. I have several tutorials planned for the remaining two weeks, but first I want to pause and discuss what I believe is an important subject for a seamstress.

I’m not going to lie - it takes patience to sew. From the very beginning of a project, when you are waiting for that pretty fabric to come out of the washer, you need patience.

There are times things just simply won’t go right. You’re picking out a seam for the four{hundred}th time in a row. You only had time to measure once - now you are cutting twice instead. Remember the oven mitt?

And lets talk about interruptions. You plan on having a blessed half hour to devout to your sewing project. But the phone rings and ministry calls. Or your toddler needs a potty break. Or you are trying to cook supper at the same time. Then your grade-schooler comes, wanting to be included in your project - can’t you help her sew something, too?

I used to let these interruptions bother me. “Get away from me, I have to finish this” has passed through my lips before. I’m not proud of that! But after asking the Lord for help in this area, I’ve learned to see these interruptions as opportunities. If I get things done, good. If not, that means that something more important got done instead - even if it was just reading Thomas the Tank Engine {again!}

That daughter or sister that wants help with her own sewing project? Yes, it is inconvenient. But what do I want her to remember about me - that I always pushed her off because I was “too busy” or that I took a few minutes to teach her something new?

Yes, it takes patience to sew. There have been times when my machine just won’t work right. I adjust the tension, oil everything good, and pick it out and start over a dozen time - only to finally realize that the machine is threaded wrong. Had I gotten mad and stormed off, or kept trying to push through without figuring out the problem, I might have damaged my machine or worse. Having a little patience and endurance paid off in the end!

So I’m asking you today to practice patience while you sew or learn something new. Sure, there might be times you need to walk away for a while, or step back and review what is going wrong, but don’t get frustrated just because everything isn’t going smoothly. Work on your patience, and see the rewards it brings!

Challenge: Share with us about a time you either didn't have enough patience, or practiced patience and saw it pay off. What is your experience with learning patience in any area of your life?

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  1. Patience is always a hard one in any area of life. Probably the best example for me was waiting on God to bring around the right job for Kenny when we had to leave our last church unexpectedly. I had no plans of ever moving from where we were, but God other plans and wow, did He ever bless in unexpected ways through uncertain times!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Becky! You are right, patience is always a hard area. It seems with each circumstance we have to learn a different level of patience than we knew before. And it is a hard thing to pray for! :S


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