Friday, March 11, 2011

A Week and a Half With Sheba

Well, we have had Sheba for over a week now. You can read here about her introduction into our family. Heres an update on how she is doing!

At eleven weeks old, she is surprisingly smart! She already has some of the basic commands down- come, sit, stay, and get in your bed. She hears those ones a lot. :) When she is really excited or in a playful mood, she tends to “forget” what those words mean...but most of the time, if she knows you are serious about it, she obeys. It is SOOOOO hard not to laugh at her when she disobeys...she KNOWS she is doing wrong, but its oh so cute!

A very cuddly puppy when she is tired!

She really does not chew on things that she’s not supposed to. She has a box of toys and if she is bored she knows how to go pick a toy out of the box to play with. She usually is content to chew on one of those. Her one downfall in the chewing arena is wood. If we don’t watch her, she’ll chew on the rungs of our chairs. And she loves to eat the ashes and slivers of wood around the woodstove. We are trying to break her of this habit, because eating wood can’t be good for her! I have even seen her drag a large piece of firewood across the floor so she could get to it better. We are kind of perplexed why she is so obsessed with eating wood, as we give her plenty of food, doggie bones and chew toys.

From day one she has slept through the night without getting up and with no accidents. Thats great! Its during the day that she still is having some struggles. Yes, I know that makes absolutely no sense! She can hold it 8+ hours at night, but sometimes doesn’t wait 1 hour during the day.

Justin is her one-and-only. Three times this week I’ve had to “baby-sit” and let me tell you, it isn’t fun. She knows he is gone and she is very naughty. It was during one of these times that I observed the log-pulling incident I mentioned above. She whines and paces and chews on more things and begs to go out fifty-eleven times until he comes home. It is good that Justin is her one-and-only, because she is his dog. She just has to learn not to have separation anxiety!

Oh and one more thing....Killer. Let me assure you that Sheba is learning to have a healthy respect of the cat. :) She has gotten her nose batted more than once. Killer is good about that...she gives a warning bat without her claws extended before she actually goes in for the kill. We humans have been warned this way many times. :) Sheba just needs to learn that the cat doesn’t want to play...and then all will be well. As long as Sheba minds her own business, Killer is really indifferent to her. So I don’t think we need to fear for Sheba’s life any more. :)

It is fun to watch her grow and learn!

Sheba also wanted me to extend a personal invitation for all of you to come and meet her. She told me to tell you that you all are welcome any time! She loves company!

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