Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post #200: Woo Hoo! Par-tay!

Yes, this is my 200th post on the ol' blog! What should we do to celebrate?? Hmm, good question....

How about I share 200 observations about blogging? No? Okay, how about just 20. I'll spare you the other 180....just because I'm feeling generous today. :)

Here are 20 random observations I've made about blogging:

1. Its fun. Someday I think it would be great to do some full-time blogging. Not sure if that will happen, but it sure would be fun!

2. This here blog has had 7,476 page-views in the last almost-two years.

3. This here blog has also had 198 comments. Out of over 7,000 pageviews??? Hmmm, I think my readers need to step it up a notch. ;)

4. I currently follow 49 blogs. Considering that when I started this blog, I regularly read a whopping 2, that is quite an improvement.

5. Oh, and those two blogs I read were Holly's (my bff) and Andrea's (an old RA and friend of mine from my college days). In case that was bugging you.

6. I really admire people that blog for a living. It seems kinda scary to think of having your income depend on the internet. Yikes! But I also am a big fan of doing what you I don't blame them at all!

7. Here is my 100th post. I reached the 100 mark on March 1st, after over a year of blogging. I have reached the 200 post mark after only 7 months, so that's an improvement, don't you think?

8. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't keep track of every teeny-tiny country that I get page-views from. :( Boo blogger. For instance, a couple weeks ago I had a visitor from Herzegovina. I don't even know where that is, but I think its super cool! I don't particularly trust the accuracy of these stats, but here are the major countries that have viewed my blog:
  • United States: 5,717
  • Canada: 611
  • Russia: 239
  • Brazil :100 (Hi Omar!)
  • Micronesia: 81
  • Australia: 53
  • Germany: 53
  • United Kingdom: 44
  • Ukraine: 42
  • India: 24
9. What is the biggest thing about blogging that I don't appreciate?? Well, spam comments, for one, but I rarely get those. Pictures load kinda slow sometimes. And I get frustrated when I can't make blogger do what I want it to do, or when it does things itself and outsmarts me. Tricky thing, that blogger. But overall, I have nothing to complain about...blogging is a blast!

10. My #1 most read post is the one in which I did the big reveal of my planning binder. Of course, that is because I linked up to I {heart} Organizing, and I have gotten oodles of visitors from over there. The most-read post that wasn't a link-up is this random one I wrote in like 2 minutes. Who knows why...but it is. That rack of clean dishes is just extremely inviting, I know.

11. Because I'm weird and I like to pretend to be techy, heres a list of the Operating Systems that my blog has been viewed on:
  • Windows: 5, 178 (sad, so very, very sad)
  • Mac: 1, 883 
  • Linux: 109
  • iPhone: 76
  • Android: 55
  • iPad: 51
  • iPod: 45
  • Other Unix: 8
  • Blackberry: 6
  • LGE: 2
12. The average amount of time I spend blogging *might* average out to an hour a day. That is taking pictures, editing them, waiting for them to load into blogger, and writing the post itself. Some days it is a much quicker process than others, and the days that I am trying to mess with my layout, etc, take a considerably longer amount of time. By no means am I glued to blogger for hours on end, thats for sure.

13. Personally, my favorite post is this one from when we got Sheba. I just think she was super cute, and Killer looks like she has such an attitude (which she does).  Of course, I had to seriously retract everything I said then, in this post. Clearly.

14. Just so I don't have to post this again later, here is my picture-of-something-that-made-me-smile today:

...obviously. :) But seriously, you guys make me smile every single day! You are the bomb!

15. Tacky alert: here is a list of all the different browsers that this blog has been viewed from:
  • Internet Explorer: 2, 462 (seriously peeps....I'm gagging over here)
  • Firefox: 2, 291 (this is what I am using at the moment)
  • Safari: 1, 209 (this is what I wish I was using at the moment)
  • Chrome: 1, 208 (this is what I use at work)
  • Flipboard Proxy: 78
  • Mobile: 73
  • Opera: 57
  • Mobile Safari: 46
  • Java: 9
16. I follow a lot of blogs of friends that I already knew before I started blogging, but I have also met some blogging friends!! I enjoy reading Sarah's blog, and we keep in contact some by email, as well. Its so fun to meet new people!

17. I seriously love the new blogger interface. It has made blogging a little more easier and smooth.

18. I'm loving Coffee Chatting. I don't know if you guys are or not, but we're having a blast. Secret: we started the whole thing because we are Sherry-and-Katie-wanna-bes. Yeah, they are our blogging heroes.

19. I need to go eat. My stomach thinks my throat's been cut.

20. I have a big, super-huge project I've been working on to share with you all in the blogging world...but I'm not quite ready to reveal it to you yet. :) Stay tuned, however, and very shortly I'm going to present something that I think you all will absolutely love. It looks surprisingly similar to this:

Any guesses????

Phew, I did it. 20 random things about my blogging experiences. Now its your turn: You know that question you've just been dying to ask me? Here's your chance to get it answered! Just leave it in the comments section of this post, and I'll answer it asap. If I get enough questions, I might just make it a separate blog post! And I would love, love, LOVE to hear any suggestions you have that would make this blog better! What is missing? What would you like to see more of? Or am I just boring the life out of you? Leave me a comment, and I'll try to improve.

Thank you, all my lovely readers. You are the ones that have helped me reach 200 posts, and I couldn't be more grateful!


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