Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fighting Coughs and Colds

I mentioned the other day that we are definitely in the middle of cough and cold season. With temps all over the place the last few weeks (80s? Check. 40s? Check. And everywhere in between!) it is no wonder that people are getting sick.

My siblings caught colds several weeks ago, and for some the cough and congestion is still lingering on. I’ve managed to steer clear of it already this season, so I thought it was time for an update about my fighting-a-cold methods!

You might remember that last winter I got tired of being sick all.the.time. {that is no exaggeration} so I started implementing some natural methods to help strengthen my immune system. Now, I am no doctor and don’t know much about natural remedies.I just gathered some info from other sites and tried a few things.

And it worked. Remember how I got so sick after I stopped? Yes, I am fully a believer in these remedies now!

This year I’m streamlining the process a little to be more cost effective and a bit easier. Let me explain..

Last year I was buying fresh lemons every week and squeezing them into a pitcher of water to drink from during the day. This worked fine, but I decided to eliminate a) having to buy lemons every week, and b) having my own pitcher of water sitting around all the time.

The real deal breaker was over the summer, when that lemon water would go bad after 1 day in the heat and humidity. Not very yummy!

This year, I’m purchasing this product instead:

Found in the organic section of my local grocery store, this is simply squeezed lemon juice - nothing more. This is different than the large green bottle you might buy for cooking - that is a lemon juice concentrate with water and preservatives added. This glass bottle that I am now buying is only lemon juice.

Basically this takes some of the work out for me, plus in the long run it is cheaper. I paid about $5 for this bottle, and my mom and I have both been using it for a month or more. I just pour a tiny bit into my glass of water once a day. The rest of the day I just drink plain water.

I also add about a teaspoon to the fruit smoothies I’ve been making for breakfast every morning, and a bit to my tea. Speaking of tea, here is what I am currently loving:

The Chammomile Mint and Sweet Dreams ones are my favourite. I occasionally drink these in the evening, especially if I feel a sore throat coming on. I use pure honey to sweeten it some.

It works every time, a sore throat never lasts more than a few hours! I found this honey in the organic section of my grocery store as well. I paid about the same for this bottle as you would for the normal honey, so really, why not get the good stuff? One thing I’ve noticed about this is that it doesn’t crystalize like the other honey...interesting!

The last product I occasionally use is Emergen-C.

 I became a believer of this stuff during my college days, and I find it to be effective on days when my body feels worn down, or I can feel myself fighting a cold. The vitamin C helps my immune system and also gives me a bit more energy.

Besides these products, I continue to work on drinking lots of water each day. I notice a definite decline in how I feel overall when I don’t!

So that is a bit on what I am doing this season to combat the sickness that is inevitably going around. I’d love to hear what you do - whether it is natural remedies or not - to help your immune system, your energy level, and your overall health! Any tried-and-true stuff I don’t know about?


  1. Hey! I am a firm believer in garlic! I peel and cut up a clove on a spoon. I let it sit for a few mins then mix it with honey and swallow it down! I know it sounds gross, but it works so well! I use it when I am feeling a cold coming on. I usually only need one dose! ~Jessica

    1. This is one I've never tried! I like garlic as a rule so I think I could get this down, lol. :) If my stand-by lemon juice ever fails me, I'll give this a go! Thanks for commenting! =)


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