Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So Sew! Day 30: Sewing on a Button

Welcome to day 30 of our 31 Days sewing series! Lets learn how to sew on a button.

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Everyone needs to know how to sew on a button. I've even taught my brother how to do it! It is a simple task that takes second to accomplish, so it needn't be put off any longer.

Today I'm showing you how to sew on two different style buttons. Ready? The first is a typical 4-hole button. The same method applies to one with two holes.

Thread your needle, and tie a knot in the ends, doubling the thread.

Line up your buttonhole with the spot you want your button to go. Stick your threaded needle down through the buttonhole and the fabric underneath. This marks the spot for the button clearly!

Bring your needle back up through the fabric in this spot...

..and put the button on it.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory...

As a last precautionary step, push your needle back up through the fabric, but not through any buttonholes.

Wind the thread around what has already been sewn. It only needs to be wound a couple of times around, and this is supposed to reinforce it a bit more. {though I don't really have any concrete evidence that it does! Your thoughts?}

Tie a knot in the thread, and this button is complete and sewn on!

Now lets take a quick look at a button without holes, just a ring in the back. This kind of button is used on things like coats or fancier clothing sometimes, because the thread doesn't show.

Begin the same way, but when you pull the needle up through the fabric, thread it through the ring in the back of the button.

Then push your needle back down through the fabric, pulling the button against the fabric.

Repeat these steps a few more times to secure the button on.

Tie a knot in your thread, and you're done!

Challenge: You don't have any excuses any more. Go tackle that mending pile that is waiting for stray buttons! Do you find this to be tedious work, or something easy?

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